Ian Phillips


Ian joined Bord na Mona in 1998 and became the project leader on an R&D program to develop biological filtration systems for air treatment. In 1993, he moved to the UK to establish Bord na Mona Environmentals UK offering air treatment processes. 

Ian is a registered co-inventor on Bord na Mona internationally patented Mónafil, Mónashell, Enhanced Mónashell and CrumRubber technology for VOC and H2S treatment.

For the last fifteen years he has been extensively involved in the international deployment of these technologies (600+ Installations) and in the ongoing development of the technology for new industrial and municipal applications.

Contact Me: ian.phillips@anuacleanair.com


Brian Mahon

Engineering & Projects Manager

After spending over seven years working gloabally in the Semiconductor industry, Brian joined Bord na Mona Environmental in 2007 as a Project Engineer. Brian then went on to become the Customer Service and Projects Manager winning awards for innovation in Health and Safety.  

Brian has a wealth of engineering and project management expierence and guides our clients from the initial enquiry phase all the way to a finished product being handed-over. For technical assistance, please feel free to:      

Contact Me: brian.mahon@anuacleanair.com

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Paul Walsh

Head of Finance


Pauls career has entailed driving strategic, commercial, business and financial processes across PLC and SME organisations in the PR, healthcare, logistics, retail, charity, and professional service sectors.

PauI has a proven track record of establishing and maintaining robust accounting systems, implementation of cost/credit controls, ensuring compliance with regulatory and audit requirements. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. 

Key aspects of Pauls role include advising senior management, leading financial and cross-functional teams whilst promoting innovation, performance improvement and optimising cash flows with robust credit and capital controls. 


For financial enquiries, please feel free to:  


Contact Me: paul.walsh@anuacleanair.com

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